The Ultimate Stashbox

How it Works

The Stash Box is a  mystery.  You have entered into the wholesale world.  What's  inside is for you to explore, to smoke, to grow.  The possibilities  are endless, the combinations are never ending.  

The stash gets exponentially bigger the more you spend! 

Recurring charge on the 1st of every month!!
 We will ship out within 5 days from the first of the month

$150 - The Standard Stash

$150 Box - The Standard Box - Take a step into wholesale pricing without buying wholesale amounts!  

Each box contains $300 worth of Cannabis products. Products could include shatter, budder, pre-rolls, flower, and whatever else we think is cool and want to add so you have a rad day!!

$300 - The Rad Stash

This is the baller's stash box.  Seriously.  You're friends will think you're spending ridiculous amounts at the dispensary.  Included is $600 worth of product.  We hope you like weed.  Seriously.  

The Stash Box - Lone Tree Concentrates

For more information on our stash boxes, check out this great video