Lone Tree Concentrates



If only you could smell this picture, the pungent nose on this strain is sure to knock you out! It carry’s a very floral flavour with hints of lavender and pine. This strain is a mix of God Bud and Burmese which delivers a happy and focused high, the perfect balance between a strong kush and a more berry indica. 

Chocolate Hawaiian


This sativa dominant hybrid is a cross between Chocolope Kush X Hawaiian. The cerebral high will leave you feeling happy, this strain is great for relaxing as well, you can be creative but not so focused.


Cookies & Cream


This strain is a cut of the famous Girl Scout Cookies (OG Kush X Durban Poison) and it hits you with a sweet but earthy flavour. The hybrid delivers a full-body relaxation in a time-bending cerebral space. This is an excellent strain to fight anxiety and depression, or when you’re looking for inspiration to complete that project!




El Camino


This indica strain is unique to Vancouver Island and is a product of Romulan x Nuken phenome #6.  With a full berry flavour characteristic of Nuken and the mood enhancing effect of Romulan, this is an extremely popular strain here.  With a strong heady high and an uplifting sensation this strain delivers!



This beautiful strain shows off by shining its bright purple fibres in the sun. A cross between G13 and Purple Grizzly, the buds have a dark purple look with a moderate amount of orange hairs, and a fine layer of sugar pollen on the outside of the bud. This strain is known as a mood enhancer and is perfect for relaxing and changing energy for the day, while giving a body high that is good for pain relief and insomnia. 



Nebula delivers a sweet almost honey flavour that will be sure to leave your mouth smiling. It has a a head and body buzz described as intense and almost psychedelic. You will be left feeling energetic, uplifted, happy, and very euphoric. This strain can be used to treat fatigue, depression & stress and is an LTC staff favourite.