Lone Tree Concentrates

Blue Dream


This S. dom hybrid is a mix of Blueberry X Haze. The Blueberry bring the fruity flavour and like any good Sativa; the uplifting cerebral head high hits fast and hard with this one, it will leave you focused and motivated with waves of creative energy. It’s accompanied by a mellow relaxing body high that leaves your mind and body feeling mellow. This is a great strain for chronic pain and it relieves your entire self, leaving the perfect formula for a good, restless, mindless sleep.

Chocolate Hawaiian


This sativa dominant hybrid is a cross between Chocolope Kush X Hawaiian. The cerebral high will leave you feeling happy, this strain is great for relaxing as well, you can be creative but not so focused.


El Camino


This indica strain is unique to Vancouver Island and is a product of Romulan x Nuken phenome #6.  With a full berry flavour characteristic of Nuken and the mood enhancing effect of Romulan, this is an extremely popular strain here.  With a strong heady high and an uplifting sensation this strain delivers!



Nuken is a popular strain on Vancouver Island.  A cross between God X Shishkaberry, it has a very fruity nose, with a strong berry taste.  This indica strain hits like any Kush, leaving you relaxed and ready to chill out. This is strain is great for insomnia and pain relief 

Pink Kush


This weed is a strong indica dominant strain with powerful body-high effects. It’s effects are calming and intensely euphoric. It gives you a powerful case of the munchies which makes it perfect for treating both  anxiety, depression, and lack of appetite and migraines. Originating from OG Kush the pink brings flavours of a sweet vanilla and candy perfume.