Lone Tree Concentrates

Pecan Carmel Chews by Euphoria Edibles & Potions


Nuts and nugs unite, in this sweet savoury delight! Pecans roasted with butter and sea salt, covered in buttery caramel infused with cannabis and dipped in Bernard Callebaut milk chocolate

25 mg THC/per chew

Cranjanja Oat Bars by Euphoria Edibles & Potions


Vegan and Gluten-free. Full of nuts and seeds, and cranberries for the health-conscious toker. It’s the perfect addition to a morning yogurt or smoothie ūüôā

100 mg THC per bar

Ingredients: Pecans, rolled oats, rice cereal, almond butter, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, cinnamon, sea salt, brown rice syrup, almonds, vanilla, coconut oil & cannabis

Spark Of Life CBD Oil


Spark of Life CBD oil is a Cannabidiol based herbal dietary supplement extracted from Cannabis Sativa L, and is enhanced with organic hemp seed oil. Contains no THC. In the 30mL bottle there is 450mg Cannabidiol (CBD). 15mg Cannabidiol per 1mL serving. In the 250mL bottle there is 1000mg Cannabidiol and 20mg Cannabidiol per 5mL serving. In the 500mL bottle there is 2500mg Cannabidiol and 25mg Cannabidiol per 5mL serving.

Available in 3 sizes: