Lone Tree Concentrates

Dragula – Shatter


Dragula is a shatter blend that consists of El Camino and Zombie OG. The El Camino delivers a strong heady high while the Zombie OG brings a heavy body stone. This shatter is sure to be the ideal strain for those seeking relief from depression and insomnia. When inhaled Dragula has fruity and floral hints. This indica dominant hybrid is the perfect blend for a relaxing high.

Black Cherry Soda – Shatter


Black Cherry Soda is a indica dominant strain. This shatter strain is very helpful in relieving day time symptoms like depression, anxiety and stress without the sedating feeling of heavy indicas. The high starts in the head then moves into the body, giving you an all around high. This strain tastes just as it sounds, like black cherry soda.

Cherry Kola – Shatter


Cherry Kola is an indica strain that has strong berry hints. This strain is good for those wanting relief from pain, stress, and insomnia. This strain is absolutely the ideal strain for a relaxing evening. With uplifting euphoric feelings this strain delivers.

Shooting Star – Shatter


Shooting Star is a shatter blend consisting of El Camino and Death Star OG. This shatter is an indica dominant hybrid. The El Camino will bring you a strong uplifting high. The Death Star OG brings relaxed and peaceful feelings. This is sure to be the ultimate smoke to enjoy the company of your friends.

Red Racer – Shatter


Red Racer is a shatter blend consisting of El Camino and Red Velvet. This shatter is a 50/50 hybrid. The El Camino brings a strong heady buzz. While the Red Velvet brings euphoric tones.

Golden Aloha – Shatter


Golden Aloha is a shatter blend that consists of Chocolate Hawaiian and Pot of Gold. This blend is a 50/50 hybrid. The Chocolate brings a nice happy and creative high. While the Pot of Gold will leave you mellow and calm. This would be the ideal strain for a relaxing afternoon.

Top Shelf Moonrocks


These Top Shelf Moonrocks are SURE to cause you to do the moonwalk. These quad buds from Lonely Goat Farms are rolled in rosin and dipped in Kief. The Rosin or (Ice wax) we use is a solvent less low temp extract of bubble hash, the Kief or sift we use is hand shaken to provide the highest quality possible . This product is made for the true connoisseur!

All products used are from Lonely Goat Farm, all products are grown with organics in live soil without the use of chemical pesticides or fungicides.

God Bud – Pull Snap


God bud is a popular  indica strain on Vancouver Island.  A cross of Hawaiian and Skunk, God is itself a parent of Nuken (also very popular here).  With a very berry taste, this flower has large dense buds with a tight flower structure.  The high has been described as euphoric and quite heady.  Most definitely a hard hitting smoke.  Best used for relief of pain, depression, and insomnia.

The OG Code – Pull Snap


The OG Code is a blend of Purple G Code and OG Sour and makes for a perfect 50/50 hybrid. With its pain relief effects from the Purple G Code and the fruity flavors from both strains will leave you feeling relaxed but still productive.

Critical Chocolate – Shatter


This 50/50 hybrid is great for relaxing and feeling happy. This blend is Critical Kush and Chocolate Hawaiian. The Critical Kush has a little CBD in it, so it is good for those seeking relieve from stress and can aid in getting a relaxing nights rest. The Chocolate Hawaiian will leave you feeling joyful and creative.

Lorraine’s Vacay


Lorraine’s Vacay is a delicious blend of Lorraine and Chocolate Hawaiian, a sativa dominant hybrid concentrate. With its fruity flavors this hybrid will provide the energy of a sativa with a hint of indica that can keep you mellow. Would make for the perfect day time smoke.

Leprechaun’s Lunch


Leprechaun’s Lunch is blend of El Camino and Pot of Gold. This hybrid blend is perfect for those who seek the heavy head high with a bit of the body stone. The El Camino is a heavy indica strain while the Pot of Gold is an indica dominant strain.

Red Velvet


Red Velvet is an indica strain. This strain is local to Vancouver Island. Red velvet will leave you feeling relaxed but still able to focus. This is the perfect strain for those wanting to be mellow and relaxed or wind down for the evening.

Stave Lake Stomper


Stave Lake Stomper is an indica strain Local to Vancouver Island.

Pot of Gold – Shatter


This indica dominant strain is local to Vancouver Island and delivers all the love from the Cowichan Valley. It is a cross of Hindu Kush X Skunk #1.  Pot of Gold delivers an earthy flavour with a sweet undertone. It’s got a nice nose tingle that starts in the head and ends in the body. It has a very calming chill effect, indica is very dominant here and this strain would be perfect for and evening smoke.

Zombie OG


Zombie OG is an indica dominant hybrid strain. The potent effects from this strain are perfect for those who suffer from insomnia and depression. With an earthy nose this strain will provide a heavy body stone.

Purple G Code – Pull Snap


This Sativa Dominant Hybrid delivers a fruit explosion of flavour in your mouth, overloading your taste buds with a citrusy, fruity sweet flavour. Purple G Code is known for it’s pain relief effects as it’s a good anti inflammatory and won’t leave you feeling to burnt out for the day.

What is Pull Snap?

Pull snap retains the texture of hash oil, which lies somewhere between a runnier oil and the shelf stable shatter at room temperature.  A proper pull and snap is easily gripped by the dabber but pulls slightly before snapping apart.  Ambient temperature plays a huge part in oil’s texture, as more heat will make it more runny and sappy while cold will make it shatter.  There is a unique taffy-like consistency between sap and shatter that people like to call “pull and snap.”

Death Star OG – Shatter


The Death Star OG Star Shatter is made from a strain of the famous OG Sour (Sour Diesel X OG Kush). This 50/50 brings a whirlwind of effects, it will leave you feeling peaceful and relaxed without the draining coach lock. It starts in the head as a sativa high and slowly moves through your body and mimic’s the indica effects all the way through. This is a great day time smoke, leaving you ready to get everything on your to-do list done!

Chocolate Hawaiian – Shatter


This S. dom hybrid is a cross between Chocolope Kush X Hawaiian. The cerebral high will leave you feeling happy where you can be creative but not so focused. The Kush comes in at the end and makes for the aftermath to be relaxing, the perfect day high, that sweeps you into your evening! The sweet flavours of the parents have a nice smooth sweet & fruity taste upon your inhale.

Kraken – Shatter


This flavour is an LTC staple and a favourite among the staff. Kraken is a local strain to Vancouver Island. A cross between God’s Green Crack X Nuken (Phenome #4) this Indica is the best of both world’s. With the full taste profile of an Indica with the uplifting high of a sativa, Kraken does not disappoint!