Lone Tree Concentrates

Our pricing explained

How It Works

Because we deal farm direct and produce our own award winning shatter in-house, we are able to offer the best pricing to our customers.

What we do is apply a $50 broker fee to every order – but this let’s us pass on the savings to you as it allows you access to the wholesalers market – sort of like getting a Costco membership.

Let’s look at an example:

One gram of Nuken (flower) is $3.90/g + $50 broker fee = $53.90 + shipping and taxes.

Clearly, if you are just wanting a single gram, you should head on down to your local dispensary and support them.  It is way to expensive to order a single gram from us.

But – let’s say you wanted an ounce of flower, and you wanted a couple varieties, Medi Bud and Nuken for example.  In that case:

14g Nuken x $3.90 + 14g Medi Bud x $3.80/g + $50 = $157.80 plus shipping and taxes.

The more you buy the more you save!