About Us

Lone Tree Concentrates is fueled by the nature and heart of Vancouver Island. For just over a year we provided dispensaries across Canada with top quality flower and concentrates at wholesale prices. Since October 17th 2018 we have since shut down operation of our products while we go through the process of legalization. We want to be able to bring our spirit and love of craft cannabis to the legalization game so that we can provide our customers with our high grade products again.

Our name is a nod to beautiful Lone Tree Hill park; it’s a place we’ve enjoyed many a bong toke, laughed over countless doobies and came up with fun ways to educate our readers as well as our company name. We highly recommend that you check out this spot for yourself and have a toke or two for us while you’re there.

While we are going through the process of legalization, we have changed our focus to bringing cannabis education to your fingertips. We have partnered with the girls of Cannaparty to bring you educational and lifestyle blog posts every month! If you have any suggestions on what you would like to learn about or posts you would like to see, please feel free to send us a message. We’re here to teach you, so knowing what you want to learn is a bonus.

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BC Grown. Island Refined