Lone Tree Concentrates

Each member brings their own sophistication and expertise to our group. From excellent leadership  to exceptional quality control; everyone contributes to the success of the company.  From Bliss in our packaging department, AK710 in our extracts production, our sales team Adlar & Panda and marketing & financial manager Nicole, we all work to make sure every client is happy, and we are providing the best quality, price, and service!

Lone Tree Concentrates is fueled by the nature and heart of Vancouver Island.  Located in Victoria, our specialized team provides top quality flower and concentrates at wholesale prices to dispensaries across Canada.  Established in 2017, our team lives, breathes, and dreams cannabis. Each one of us not just an avid user, but an activist as well.

Our name is a nod to beautiful Lone Tree Hill park, it’s a place we’ve enjoyed many a bong toke, laughed over countless doobies and came up with some of our most genius strain names, company jokes and contests for our clients. We highly recommend that you check out this spot for yourself and have a toke or two for us while you’re there.

In addition to wholesale cannabis and other cannabis products, Lone Tree Concentrates specializes in in-house concentrates. Produced locally in Victoria from the finest Cannabis on Vancouver Island.