Your Last Minute Hallo-weed Costumes

Did you forget it was Halloween? (Don’t worry, so did we. . .) Maybe you ran out of time for a great costume or maybe you’re not really a big Halloween person but your friends are pressuring you to dress up. We get it! Sometimes things happen and you run out of time or you wake up and all of a sudden it’s the end of October – how the hell did that happen!? We’ve put together a list of easy last minute stoner costumes for you to throw together and celebrate Hallo-weed.

King/Queen of Cannabis

Throw on green from head to toe (or just a green shirt if you don’t have green bottoms) and head to your local dollar store and pick up a crown. If you’re a dude, a button up shirt will take you from Canna-dude to Canna-King, and if you’re feeling in the spirit a little glitter goes a long way to glam yourself up. For those ladies out there a green dress, a green shirt, a green skirt, whatever you got, flaunt it! Finally all those years of having to pick up a last minute green item for St. Patrick’s day are paying off as you dig through your closet looking for the perfect green piece to complete this years last minute costume. Ladies – take your Canna-Queen to the next level with glittery makeup and even some rhinestones for added pizzazz.

Shaggy & Scooby

If you have a fluffy friend then you are one step closer to being one of the most iconic “stoner” duos. (Come on, we all know shaggy wasn’t just always hungry, kids show or not, he’s just another stoner solving mysteries) Grab a green shirt and some tan bottoms if you have them and carry around a box of cookies under your arm all night and there you have it, you are Shaggy and Scooby-Doo! Don’t have a furry friend or can’t take your furry friend with you? Not a problem! Grab a doggo stuffy and not only do you have your Scooby-Doo, but you have a buddy to hang out with all night.


Calling all South Park fans, this one’s for you – and it’s super easy. Have a blue towel at home? If not head to your local Walmart and pick one up for under $10! While you’re at Walmart grab some felt (white, blue and black) and cut out a couple ovals for eyes, a black triangle for the mouth, eyelids to make your eyes look baked, and use a red felt to give those eyes that super high look and glue gun (or sew if you know how to) all the pieces onto your blue towel. Take a piece of string and tie an end through each top corner of your towel, throw it around your neck and what are you? Towlie.

Pot Head

Simple, straight forward, and not in anyway a lazy minute lazy costume… Head to your local dollar or garden store and pick up a plastic garden pot. Cut out the bottom and wear it like a hat. Now you’re a “pot head.” If you are feeling extra creative you could pick up some fake flowers or fake greenery and decorate your pot hat. Or you can just wear the pot, get super baked and proceed to forget that you have a plastic pot on your head as a Halloween costume all night.

The Ever Famous Cheech and Chong

It wouldn’t be a Halloween costume post without including the most famous stoner duo of all time. And we bet that you have almost everything you need for this costume already in your closet. Grab your buddy, play rock paper scissors for who’s who, and pick the Cheech to your Chong. Going as Cheech? Find yourself a pair of tan pants, a yellow beater, red suspenders and a red toque – done. If you already have a mustache awesome, otherwise you can pick up  a fake one from your local Halloween shop or draw one on. Maybe you’re going to be the Chong, not a problem. This one is easiest for any Canadian, all you need is a Canadian tuxedo. That’s right, sport your favorite pair of light washed jeans and a denim button up with a red bandana and you are channeling your inner Tommy Chong. If you have the large framed glasses even better, although without them you will still be a recognizable stoner.

And there you have it, five very easy and cheap last minute stoner costumes for you to throw together for this Hallo-weed. Remember to be safe this weekend and have fun. And if you decide to dress up like one of our above mentioned costumes we want to see! Tag us with #LTCHalloweed for a chance to be featured.

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