Built From the Ashes

Like most of the strong beautiful forests growing on Vancouver island, birthed from a nursery of old deceased trees of a previous life, Lone Tree Concentrates grew from the remains of a company that once was. No one said running your own company would be easy, and soon enough this crew of island born misfits would realize just what it would take to build from the ground up.

With nothing left but each other, a combination of unusual skills and a sense of hope, the remaining crew members sat on a roof brainstorming their next move. Knowing that the cannabis community was not one they were willing to leave, they began to ponder what they wanted their customers to think about when they came to them, what they wanted their business to reflect. Of course being from BC was a major factor in building a new empire. How can you have a cannabis company without highlighting what the west coast is known for — BC Bud. More specifically when thinking about the company, the crew wanted people to think mountains, ocean, forests and beauty. And what better way to bring all that together than with the arbutus tree.

“The arbutus tree is native to the south coast of BC, it usually grows within 10km of the ocean and can be found on rocky bluffs overlooking the ocean. It’s bark is thin, smooth and reddish-brown and peels in thin flakes or strips to expose a younger, smoother, greenish to cinnamon-red bark underneath.”

Much like the arbutus tree, the crew all grew up within 10kms of the ocean and call the south of Vancouver island home. They too had to shed old layers in order to expose a new fresh and smooth group of individuals, as well as shedding the old layers of the company that was to become the company that is. Like the arbutus they are able to stand strong and grow together; even in some of the toughest, and hardest spots.

These remaining misfits decided that this was perfect to symbolize their new company. And even better than the general arbutus tree was one very specific tree that they had all grown up smoking underneath — the arbutus tree at the top of Lone Tree Hill. Standing tall atop the famous hike on the south side of the island, the Lone Tree crew thought this was the perfect picture of their company. Strong, stable, beautiful, and born from the West Coast.

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