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We’re sorry to announce that as of October 17th Lone Tree Concentrates will be closing to go through the legalization process. During this time we will be changing the format of our website. We will still be bringing you great cannabis education and we hope to be back once we have jumped through all the hoops.

For this reason we ask that all orders be placed by OCTOBER 15th 2018


We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter to learn more about what will happen after the 17th and follow our process through legalization.

  • – The LTC Crew

Each member of Lone Tree has a different story of what brought them into to the Cannabis community, but one thing is same across the board — each of them believes in the magic of the Cannabis plant. Coming together in an unlikely circumstance, this island grown group of misfits faced their fair share of challenges before coming out on top as the five you see today; The Lone Tree Concentrates crew.



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At Lone Tree Concentrates we pride ourselves on our top of the line shatter and concentrates; and when you are paying for a top-quality product you expect to never be disappointed. Unfortunately, though, sometimes things happen and it doesn’t always work out to be perfect 100% of the time

We try really hard to select only the finest flower for our shatter however sometimes we get an imperfect pound. There’s nothing actually wrong with it, it’s perfectly tasty, but it just didn’t produce the level of shatter we expect at Lone Tree. Maybe the colour wasn’t there, maybe the terpene profile wasn’t there, maybe that particular pound didn’t get as much love as the rest of the crop; some apples are better in pies and some you make into apple sauce.

That’s where Green Collar comes in. If a slab of shatter doesn’t meet our standards for terpene, flavour, or colour, it is packaged up as Green Collar and sold for a discount. Just because it’s not pretty doesn’t mean it’s not good, but, that doesn’t mean you should pay full price for it.

Star Dust


A new strain from Lonely Goat Farms and he’s done it yet again by crossing two amazing strains Nuken X Romulan. The cross of the indica’s has delivered a beautiful indica dominant strain carries your favourite characteristics of the Nuken. This strain delivers a strong, fruity grape flavour upon your first taste and delivers a slow burning fresh flavour right till the end. The buds are dense and sticky and deliver a pungent smell when you open the bag. It leaves feeling heavy and relaxed and carefree!

Looking for great flower to stock your shelves with? Our farm direct, island grown, BC bud is the perfect product for you! To check out what we have in stock head on over to shop page and browse through the collection of fine herb currently available. For more questions or to talk to our team about getting LTC into your store today send an e-mail to: nicole@lonetreeconcentrates.ca




We get it – not every one is comfortable going to a dispensary to learn about cannabis, nor do we all have the time in our busy schedules. So why not bring the education to you?

Our expert Cannagirls will set up  for you and your friends and teach you all you have every wanted to know about the cannabis industry. You’ll get a chance to sample our latest flavors of flower and concentrates, try some of Mary J’s delicious edibles, and test out the latest in cannaproducts from our partners.